Attack Your Start Up When Timing Isn’t Great, But Good Enough

Opportunities come at the strangest times, don’t they? It never seems convenient. Just think of the missed opportunities if we let inconvenience or even disruption get in the way. Is there a convenient time to be pregnant with your third kid? A convenient time to go back to school for a graduate degree? Train for a marathon? Change careers?

These opportunities may not come at the perfect time, but they can present themselves when you are ready to take them on despite what’s happening in your crazy, busy life.

busy schedule?

One year ago I was approached to start an online business. My future business partner had a business model, a timeline, professional experience and network of contacts. She had thought this through. She was inviting me to join her in an incredible, yet risky, start-up opportunity!

It took me a full year to come around to the reality that in life timing is never good.  I chose to move forward with timing that was good enough.  What did I do next? I took these three steps:

  1. Readied my mind
  2. Prepared my family
  3. Accepted what I didn’t know

I didn’t sign up for a class or ask for anyone’s opinion. I didn’t overthink it or work out any details. I didn’t get hung up on the poor economy and startling failure rate of start-ups. Instead I focused on the big picture of our business: Ultimately we will enable people to improve their lives.

Attacking this business opportunity at an inopportune time has been a big work-life-family challenge. But I believe it would be equally as challenging if I waited for better timing to come along.

Join In: What opportunities are you thankful (or not so thankful) you took on despite really bad timing?  Leave a comment below.

Coming Up: in my post “Ready Your Mind” we’ll talk about preparing your mind for the major shift that occurs when transitioning from an outsider to an insider in the world of business, despite feeling like an imposter.

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Heather Boggini
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Gerianne K. Patti

2013-01-03 05:45:51 Reply

Well said Heather-thank you for your insight in approaching new opportunities. Over the past couple of years, I have learned to not over think some of the decisions, or opportunities that have presented themselves to me.

I decided to make a life change after I had been laid off from my 23 year long career in publishing. Going back to school and working in my new field of choice has been incredibly gratifying, rewarding and challenging all at the same time.

I absolutely agree with step 3- I don’t know -what I don’t know. I have learned that if I don’t know it- I will either figure it out on my own or ask someone who does know. Not knowing is not a good enough reason to miss out on a new opportunity.

I look forward to your next post…


    2013-01-03 14:07:26 Reply

    Heather Boggini

    Geri – you said it better than I: “not knowing is not a good enough reason to miss out on a new opportunity”. Yesterday was particularly frustrating day. I was trying to learn something new and couldn’t manage to make any headway. Today I’m going to use your insight to forge ahead. On a related theme, read my post “Michael Hyatt values what you have to offer”. He has great advice and a pep-talk for me and you. Thanks Geri and welcome aboard Putting The Seat Down.

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