I Survived Wordcamp Orlando 2012

On Saturday December 1st I attended Wordcamp Orlando. Wordcamp is a one day conference for users of WordPress website development software. There were two tracks: novice and advanced.  I attended the novice track.

WordPress is a free web based software program used to build websites. This website (www.psdnetwork.com) is a WordPress website. My business partner and I hired a developer to design the website last year. Over several phone conversations and email exchanges, he trained me (yes, me) to maintain the website. I watched YouTube WordPress tutorials and spent many hours on trial and error. I am happy (and a little freaked out) to say that since mid-November I am responsible for maintaining this website.

I strongly recommend Wordcamp if you are new to WordPress. The speakers were approachable, the novice track really was for newbies like me, and I’ve already applied more than a few things I learned.

Speakers Zac Gordon of  Treehouse and Ken Granger of Brand Co added the most value for me.

Zac Gordon gave an hour tutorial on the dashboard and recommended settings. Valuable lesson from Zac: if you want to encourage conversation and interaction with your audience require them to input name and email but don’t require comment moderation.

Ken Granger educated me on Google Analytics and reading the vital signs of your website. Valuable lesson from Ken: you can’t manage your online business if you aren’t measuring your traffic.

Considering WordPress? Study online tutorials, go to Wordcamp, follow experts like Ken Granger @hellobrandco and Zac Gordon @zgordon and jump right in!

Join In: New to WordPress? Attended Wordcamp Orlando? Tell me all about it and leave a comment below.

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