Leap of Faith

Ever think something through AFTER you have fully committed? That’s what I did about my decision to start on online media business.  I jumped right in without considering the details. But I was sure about these three things: 1) I have the best business partner ever, 2) our business idea is very good and I believe in our vision, and 3) I’m up for the challenge and ready to work. I took a huge leap of faith and never looked back.

If I had paused to ponder whether or not to jump in, this list would have quickly come to mind:

10 Reasons I should NOT start a business


  1. Haven’t had a professional job (or any paying job) in 12 years
  2. Never started or owned a business
  3. No technical skills
  4. No industry knowledge
  5. No professional network
  6. Had to be told what an “online media business” is
  7. Up until 2 months ago didn’t blog, Tweet, FB or even know what those things are (kind of important for a future online media mogul)
  8. No personal wealth to self fund anything beyond a lemonade stand
  9. My 3 young children need my attention every single day
  10. Don’t have or want a nanny or housekeeper
  11. That’s a sobering list. Those 10 reasons and 100 others run through my head every day. But I am undeterred.

Here is a list I like a lot more:

10 Reasons I SHOULD start a business


  1. I am confident in myself, my business partner, and most importantly our business concept
  2. Not a MENSA member but am capable and determined
  3. Willing to put in the time and money it takes to get this business running
  4. Our business idea is really good, and exciting
  5. My business partner is flippin’ brilliant, connected and unlike me actually is qualified to start this business
  6. The timing is as right as it will ever be
  7. My family is on board, supportive and happy for me
  8. Bursting at the seams to do something big and this is pretty darn big
  9. I am enjoying the challenge of learning the industry, the technology, making my way in new territory
  10. The most significant up front investment is my time

Sometimes it pays to think things through first, and sometimes it pays to take a leap of faith. I’m working hard to make sure it pays off for me.

Join In: When have you taken a professional or personal leap of faith? How did that pan out? Leave a comment below. Or connect directly with me, the author, at @hsboggini.

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Heather Boggini
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2013-05-09 00:15:16 Reply

I LOVE that you focus on the reason WHY and didn’t let the reasons NOT to hold you back. I also heart that you used “I’m not a MENSA member” because I use MENSA ALL the time (mostly to make fun of ideas that seems great at the time and not so great later). There are always going to be reasons NOT to take yourself out of your comfort zone…but the reasons TO do it are worth the rewards :-)

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