Nobody gets there alone: how to build effective teams

Nobody gets there alone. At some point, if you want your business to grow you’ll need to include other people in your work. Forming a group is easy – just put a bunch of people together and work towards a common goal. Forming an effective team is not so easy.

Members of an effective team care more about the success of the team and each other than of their individual success. Unfortunately, most people care more about their personal success.

Kimberly Wiefling of Wiefling Consulting

If you are the founder of a startup I bet you quickly realized the need to surround yourself with amazing people in order to accomplish goals. I asked Kimberly Wiefling, Founder and President of Wiefling Consulting and an expert in global team effectiveness, to talk about how entrepreneurs build effective teams and foster continued effectiveness.

In this short interview Kimberly answers these 6 questions:

1. Define the term “effective team”. What is the difference between a group and a team?

2. How does an entrepreneur start off on the right foot when building an effective team?

3. What are some warning signs that may indicate her team is failing or is not being effective?

4. If her team is dysfunctional and is not being effective, what can she do to turn things around?

5. What is the role of diversity? How do you define “team diversity”?

6. Are there strengths common to women that contribute to building effective teams?

As the leader of your company or your family, Kimberly’s advice on how to build effective teams can also be applied to building healthy organizations and healthy relationships. If you want to learn more about Kimberly Wiefling you can find her at

JOIN IN: Kimberly comments that diversity in style is particularly beneficial to effective teams. What style do you contribute to your team? Methodical planner or leap first-ask questions later? Leave a comment below.

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