Off and Running: welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog! I’m starting my first online business and this blog will chronicle my path from start-up to success.  There are plenty of professional bloggers offering advice for entrepreneurs. This is not that kind of blog! I have no professional advice to offer.  In fact, I’m the last person who should be starting an online business. More on that daunting thought in upcoming posts. (Click here to read bios for me and my business partner, Patti Fletcher)

About me

Twice recently I was referred to as a housewife by nice gentlemen about my father’s age.  Since then the word “housewife” has been rolling around inside in my head. Why? It’s certainly not because I shun that title. In fact I embrace my role as a mother and wife and enjoy it too.  But for a few years now I’ve felt my role in the world is not yet complete. I prayed on it, talked about it, read about it and now am acting on it.

About my soon to be business

PSDNetwork (Putting The Seat Down Network) will change the way women do business.  Right now, the sources of knowledge and funding needed by women to launch high-growth businesses are fragmented and confusing. PSDN will consolidate these sources and simplify the process.

My blog’s theme

You can expect me to stay on theme. This blog will cover the primary theme of female entrepreneurship from the perspective of a newbie.  My experiences will provide that viewpoint. Examples:

  • Preparing my family for working mom
  • Social media: still learning to love it
  • Being uncertain and moving forward anyways
  • 10 reasons I shouldn’t start a business
  • 10 reasons I should start a business

Expect multiple posts per week

My  goal is to post twice a week. I am in your shoes too. I see information overload. It feels like everyone and their sister is writing about starting a business. So, why do I think it’s a good idea to contribute to the noise? I will work very hard to make sure my contribution is NOT noise.  Instead, my posts will be productive, actionable, and hopefully a little fun too.

Expect to be part of the conversation

Let’s talk about the entrepreneur-start up-bootstrapping journey that so many of you are either experiencing now, have always wanted to experience or have come out on the other side.  The goal of our discussion is to gain actionable knowledge.  What does that mean?  You can leave the discussion with a list things you can do today to further your journey.

What NOT to expect from my blog

This is not a journal. I won’t report on my daily actions.  I won’t write about me. However I will write about my experiences as someone with little to no start-up exposure, who is figuring out how to start a business in an industry she knows little about while using technology she’s never used before.

Join in: Having just read my first post, tell me what you are thinking right now. Are you a blogger? Tell us how you set and keep a posting schedule? Please leave a comment below.

Coming up: my post “Attack Your Start Up When the Timing Isn’t Great, But Good Enough” we will talk about taking the plunge into a new opportunity even when the timing stinks.

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Heather Boggini
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Heather's blog explores the start-up experience from her perspective as a mother, runner, cancer survivor and first time entrepreneur.



2013-02-27 03:20:54 Reply

Congrats on your new business!! I look forward to hearing about it.

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