PSDNetwork CEO To Present Keynote At EWF Annual Conference

PSDNetwork, LLC is proud to announce that CEO Patti Fletcher will present her keynote Leading Transformation at the 11th annual Executive Women’s Forum Annual Conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona October 22-24, 2013.


This year’s EWF conference theme is  “Utilizing Risk As An Enabler”.  Patti states:

When you open yourself up to transformation, the world around you starts to open up too. Risks that you thought of as barriers suddenly become opportunities. I am excited to share and explore what it takes to be a transformer, regardless and in spite of those risk barriers.

The EWF Conference is a unique and highly interactive venue for senior executive women in the information security, IT risk management and privacy sectors, explains Joyce Brocaglia, Founder EWF. She says:

Our EWF National conference gathers the most accomplished women in our field. We are looking forward to Patti’s insights on how women executives can expand their abilities to be innovative and transformative as they lead world class information security, IT risk management and privacy organizations.

Click here to join Patti and PSDNetwork at the EWF 11th Annual Conference.

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