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drPattiFletcher.comHello Friends!


We are pleased to announce the launch of where we help leaders transform the world by creating lasting change that matters.



  • Go to to learn more about our strategy coaching, speaking, and Patti’s thought leadership blog Insights


We are no longer publishing new content on However please continue to enjoy the website’s 200+ original blog posts for women interested in the exciting and challenging experience of running their own business and excelling at their careers.

We are taking a new direction that takes us away from the PSDNetwork you are familiar with and towards a new and exciting platform – This new direction includes building our brand as the storytellers of transformation, expanding our executive coaching and speaking businesses, and continuing to help leaders create lasting change that matters.

As we wind down we want to thank our wonderful contributors and supporters: Marney Reid, Natascha Thomson, Sue Stockdale, Linda Townsend, Emma Sinclair, Bow & Drape, Heather Lambie, our readers, and the list goes on and on…


Best regards,

Patti and Heather



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