Meet Nicole: a creative mind getting down to business

What to do when your creative passion runs into the unpassionate necessities of business ownership, like accounting, taxes, legal and overhead costs? These necessary evils can seem discouraging if you don’t come from a business background.

At Wordcamp Orlando 2012 I met Nicole Siscaretti – a creative gem whose  passion for social media jumps right to the surface when you meet her. Her upcoming online business will provide social media management and consulting. Nicole knows Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc  create a necessary connection between businesses and their target markets. For Nicole the fun and easy part  is her passion for all things social media. Not so fun or easy are the responsibilities of business ownership.

In the following interview excerpt Nicole responds to my question “What are your biggest challenges when starting your online business?”:



Click here to see my full interview with Nicole.

In my upcoming 3 part blog series “Attack your start up” I talk about where to start when you are starting from scratch. Nicole recognizes her hard work will make her social media business successful. The fact I met her at Wordcamp tells me she is on the right path by getting involved in a supportive network and attending an educational conference. Plus, she’s got something that cannot be taught or bought – she’s got passion and excitement for her business.

Nicole Siscaretti blogs at and tweets at @sparklynicole.

Stayed tuned to this blog and I’ll announce when Nicole’s social media endeavor goes live.

Join in: do you own a business but don’t like the business related tasks? Leave a comment and tell us how you get it all done.

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